We ❤️ feedback

March 2, 2022


‍It is excellent to get endorsements to reinforce the direction we are taking with Spaces, but we enjoy direct feedback regarding the product itself too. With today’s 1.3.2 release, we’ve taken some feedback on board in two different ways.

Written by

Campbell Yule

Recently we received a great piece of feedback from one of our customers.

You did a great job! Intuitive and easy to use, in no time you get a pre-design model! An embodiment of the return of the pencil to the architect, this app fills a deep gap in architectural design!”
Roberto Marin, Architect, Italy

It is excellent to get this type of endorsement to reinforce the direction we are taking with Spaces.

While this makes us feel good, we enjoy direct feedback regarding the product itself and how to improve it and stay focused on making it intuitive, functional, and valuable to your design process.

Over the last couple of weeks, we received this sort of feedback as well, and with our 1.3.2 release, we’ve taken this feedback on board in two different ways.

Firstly, when you’re living so close to the product for so long, it is hard to step back and see the product the way a new customer does. Second, one such new customer indicated that Spaces doesn’t feel very intuitive and takes a while to work out how to get started.

With 1.3.2 we are pleased to release an update where buildings, zones, sites and surrounding buildings are all created automatically when your sketch strokes create a closed shape - no need to tap to create. Of course, you can turn this feature off if you prefer the tap method. But, overall, we think this is a significant step forward.

The second piece of feedback was that our recently released Cladding tool was a “bit too complicated, and difficult to understand”. Unlike the input above, this feedback didn’t mean simply some improvements to existing functionality but required us to take a big step back and re-work many aspects of our Cladding Tool.

We don’t want to change tack like this regularly, but in this instance, we needed to admit we missed the mark and listen to the feedback, take it on board and not be afraid to make significant changes.

As the title of this post suggests, we love feedback, and we believe the feedback and recent improvements/changes lead to an overall better outcome for the product and, most of all, for our customers.

Please keep the feedback coming and help us shape Spaces into an indispensable tool in your design workflow.