Introducing Codesign: the first specialist concept design app for architects

June 29, 2023


The first purpose-built iPad app for the concept design stage of the architectural process gets a major upgrade and a new name and brand.

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Codesign today announces a new name and brand to better represent its position as the first and only purpose-built app for the concept design stage of the architectural process. Bridging the gap between sketching on paper and visualizing and modelling concepts in cumbersome BIM programs, Codesign allows architects to turn sketches into specified models in minutes, and access a range of features such as site, sun studies, context and utilization measures. Codesign allows architects to more fully explore all the possibilities of a project and to spend more time designing, dreaming and capturing the potential of a building.

The app began life as Spaces, a reference to the way users can turn 2D sketches into 3D models in moments and understand volume and occupancy. This new name reflects the growth in the product allowing customers to explore, iterate, and create more than ever, taking your concepting to a new dimension.

“We're pleased to unveil our new brand today and set the platform for the next stage of our journey” says Campbell Yule, Founder of Codesign. “Over the last few months of trialling this new name, brand and features at AIA, NXTBLD and TECH+, we have had great response to the new brand and positioning.” “Codesign version 3 is set for release in early August with an updated UX experience that will improve productivity for both new and existing customers.” explains Yule. More information regarding version 3 will be released ahead of the launch.

Why We Created Codesign

We developed Codesign after 25 years of working to enable architects with BIM software. Along the way, we saw the need for a dedicated concept design app that sits between pencil and paper and BIM software. We wanted to enable architects to do more of what they got into architecture to do - to spend more time where they are the most valuable and can create the most positive impact for a project at the design concept exploration stage.

This insight set us off on a journey to use the power of iPad and Apple Pencil to see if we could marry the speed of sketching and the data and specification power of the device while also introducing portability or "disconnection from the desktop" At first, we solved the problems of creating rich data around volume and materials, so we launched the app under the Spaces name. As we added more functionality built around the idea of maximizing the potential of the concept design part of the process, we rebranded to Codesign to more fully communicate the role the app plays as a co-partner to architects for concept design.

As the only app purpose-built for what we consider to be the most impactful part of the process, we have seen tremendous uptake by leading architects and practices worldwide. We are excited to continue to be the champion for the art of the possible, allowing architects to design more, explore more and create more. We hope you love using it as much as we love developing and growing it with our architect partners, investors and collaborators.

* Codesign was previously known as Spaces and is pronounced “co design”.
For more information, please contact:
Campbell Yule - Founder