Floor Space Ratios

November 11, 2022


Calculating Floor Space ratios has never been faster. Take a look at this simple report - available "straight out of the box"

Written by

Campbell Yule

I am a regular viewer of The B1M videos. Today I sat down and watched the following:

A few minutes in, the answer to the question posed by this video was partly answered by Floor Space Ratios and their impact on construction in India.

Floor Space Ratios are a core part of planning controls around the world which is why since our earliest release, this has been one of the critical reports inside spaces.

To access this report, all you need to do is create your design, input your site, and you can access the report.

Better yet, if you create a series of different design options, you can quickly review the Floor Space Ratios for each design variation.

Spaces is all about helping you make critical design decisions early and quickly in the design process. Who wants a beautiful design concept that doesn't comply with local requirements?

If you haven't already, download Spaces today and get started for free.