Five Towered Citadel

August 3, 2021


The B1M is the world’s largest, most subscribed-to (and generally best) video channel for construction. Over 18 million people watch their videos each month.

Written by

Campbell Yule

We absolutely love what Fred Mills and the team over at The B1M are doing.

We inspire a better industry by sharing knowledge and expertise with a mass audience. We attract the best talent by showing construction at its best to millions.

The quality of their videos is second-to-none, and we enjoy having a coffee and catching up with their latest construction videos.
We also enjoy challenging ourselves to see how Spaces copes with some of the new architectural projects they post. Even though we're only just starting our journey to revolutionise conceptual design, Spaces can tackle many building forms along with providing valuable building data to inform your design. We can't wait to add additional tools to Spaces to allow you to take your plans even further.

The recent article regarding David Adjaye Designs Five Towered Citadel for the Africa Institute inspired Dani to have a crack this week!

Image courtesy of Adjaye Associates