Explore More - Integrated AI comes to Codesign

August 28, 2023


Codesign Professional allows you to explore more with a new and fun integrated generative AI. Start exploring more today.

Written by

Campbell Yule

With Codesign, we put the designer at our core and provide tools that support their design process. With our Integrated AI, we offer a new way to help the designer explore more.

Today's release represents the first stage of our AI journey, and we look forward to engaging with our customers as we explore additional ways to support the design process and further our AI integration.

Using AI to provide creative ideas has never been easier; mass your building in Codesign to get size, shape, and usage in place, and from there, you can immediately use AI to provide some inspiration.

As you resolve the details of your design with Codesign features like cladding and columns, you can use AI repeatedly to explore options.

The Codesign AI interface allows you to determine the overall AI strength and the text prompt containing your "instructions."

Our integrated AI allows you to explore more options, get the creative ideas you want, and bring them into your project.

Codesign AI is available now in all Codesign Professional Subscriptions.

We look forward to working with you to build an AI that supports your design workflows.

Note: At this stage every time you generate an image a different seed will be used so the system isn't designed to be a rendering tool (where you would need the same results for all images) but more to iterate, explore and have some fun.